Why Update WordPress?

Maintaining a website is a mandatory requirement for every business, regardless of its industry. At Avra, we comprehend that an online presence is not just a necessity but a direct reflection of a company’s image. However, the significance of keeping that website up-to-date is frequently underestimated. An outdated site, in terms of both information and technology, projects a negative image that translates into a lack of confidence among potential clients. What are the reasons behind this perception, and why is it crucial to keep your WordPress site updated?

Technical Update / Security

Many clients opt for WordPress as their technological platform due to its flexibility in updating information, which undeniably reduces costs. However, it’s essential to consider that being such a massive platform, they consistently update their core, themes, and plugins. Primarily for two reasons: security and speed, two indispensable aspects in the digital environment. These updates can potentially lead to specific issues, making it crucial for them to be carried out by an expert to prevent data loss.

Institutional Information

Simple matters such as the address, phone numbers, and email addresses must always be kept up-to-date to ensure visitors form a positive impression of your business. In the case of a virtual store or eCommerce, the accuracy of products, prices, and stock is crucial, as these are essential factors in creating a positive and lasting impression on any business. You can refer to this article for a detailed overview of maintenance practices for virtual stores.

News / Press / Social Media

Crafting strategic content is pivotal to solidify our position as industry leaders on the internet. Different companies and sectors may require distinct approaches to content strategies, but the constant is the notion of producing impactful posts, with a minimum frequency of at least once a week. We recognize that an active blog is just one component of our online presence. In the realm of social media, given the rapidity and relevance of these ever-evolving digital landscapes, companies strive to maintain a more dynamic pace by delivering content much more frequently than on the blog. This includes meaningful interaction with users, acknowledging the importance of engagement in these dynamic spaces.

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

At Avra, we provide monthly website maintenance services, enabling you to deliver an outstanding experience to your customer base.

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